52 weeks challenge

In 2022 I started to regularly take long walks around the house. I live near the John Frost bridge in Arnhem, and within 5 minutes I am surrounded by nature. Looking around I started to become addicted to the sky. Inspired by the ever changing palette of clouds and colours I came home with a tune in my head every time, all very quiet and reflective.

Enter the 2023 challenge;

In 2023 I have released a fresh original piano composition every Monday for a whole year. Mostly solo piano pieces, but periodically I added a modular synth or a string trio. You can listen to the pieces on all streaming platforms. Below here are all covers.
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1 – It’s Going To Be Just Fine
A new year, a new challenge.

2 – Dad’s Ring
It’s on my right hand, present at every note I play.

3 – Run Little Girl
Learning to walk was fun, but soon she started to run.

Piano Tutorial

4 – Crossing The Bridge

5 – You Never Left

Download Sheet Music

6 – A Short Walk

7 – Darkness Falls

8 – Sjiengele Boem

An adaptation of a classic folk-tune. A version of this could previously be heard in the stage adaptation of “Naar de overkant van de nacht” by Jan van Mersbergen.


9 – Antwerp


10 – Nakajima Ki-43


11 – Circles


12 – Specks Of Light


13 – It’s Only a Number

A large building. Waiting with dread for test-results. You keep repeating in your head: ‘we’ll be fine’. The result is only a number.


14 – An Honest Whisper


15 – Parisian Breakfast


16 – Just Before Dawn


17 – Always In Our Hearts


18 – My Binary Heaven


19 – The Music You Took


20 – Northern Giant


21 – Homeward


22 – Perseverence


23 – La Valse Nostalgique


24 – The Most Delicate Gift


25 – Showertime


26 – Elegy For The Trees


27 – When We Were Young


28 – The Road Not Taken


29 – Hold Still


30 – Things You Had To Leave


31 – Listen To The Future


32 – A View From A Train


33 – Clearly Still


34 – Solitude Stroll