Rob is a composer, arranger and Basta Music recording artist.
He studied jazz piano at the Fontys Tilburg Conservatory, Music for the Media and Cinematic Orchestration at Thinkspace Chichester.

Rob began his career as a touring pianist/organ-player and still he can be seen on stage with mrs.Hips, Ricky Koole, Freek de Jonge, Ocobar, Revolvers, etc…

Under a the pseudonym Schnauzer Radio Orchestra, Rob recorded “Music for a 1950s videogame”. This is the exotica album that was never made in the 50s and 60s! Music that swings, all recorded and performed by just one person, in a 50s-style production. The album was released worldwide by Basta Music in 2013. The second album “Robot Cocktail Party” was released in 2016.

Being a multi instrumentalist he always is striving to give his music both a human touch and a cutting edge.
To hear some of his music click on audio